At the very beginning of the company's business, we were the "breakout" who shocked the international monopoly with speed and became the first domestic company to break the foreign monopoly on the antenna technology and market of the mobile terminals in the field of mobile communication terminal antennas. We were the "vanguard" in the 3G era ,the "leader"in the 4G mobile Internet era and the forerunner of 5G era now. The company has been leading the industry in the layout of 5G projects for many years. The earlier cooperation with top international terminal manufacturers, system manufacturers and chip manufacturers has achieved fruitful research results in 5G projects. At the same time, we have actively carried out relevant technical cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutions and universities. Many of the research results are at the leading level in the world.

     5G will be different from the traditional generations of mobile communications. It is not only an air interface technology with a higher rate, larger bandwidth and stronger ability, but also an intelligent network oriented to business applications and user experience; 5G will no longer be defined by a certain business capability or a typical technical feature. It will be a network of multi-business and multi-technology integration, which will meet the rapid development needs of various services with extensive data and links in the future, and improve the user experience through technological evolution and innovation. The basic characteristics of 5G: high velocity (peak rate over 20Gbps), low latency (the network delays reduce from 50ms in 4G to 1ms), mass device connection (satisfies the connection with 100 billion amount), and the low power consumption (the base station is more efficient in power consumption and the terminal is more economical).

     The industrial consensus is that the breakthrough of 5G antenna technology is a key point in the 5G system. The 5G antenna is not only a separate study of antenna technology, but a comprehensive subject research, which brings together the antenna technology, RF circuit design, RFIC chip design, chip packaging technology, and materials science. If breakthroughs are to be made in the 5G mobile terminal antennas, the research work must be multi-disciplinary. In particular, millimeter-wave 5Gantennas are different in nature from the especially in system architecture, antenna technology scheme and antenna techniques.







Mobile Terminal iMAT Antenna Technology applied in 4.5G & Pre 5G & 5G (Sub 6GHz Bands)



    In order to increase frequency spectrum utilization and increase transmission rate in 4.5 G and Pre 5G, the 4*4 MIMO technology will be generally adopted on mobile communication system. That is to say, 4 LTE antennas are required to be placed on mobile terminals such as mobile phones. How to place these 4 LTE antennas in the rather complicated phones with high cost of land while ensuring better antenna performance has become a very challenging technical difficult point. The iMAT antenna technology of SPEED can perfectly solve the problem of multi-antenna isolation, multi-antenna mutual coupling, reduce ECC and significantly improve system throughput, which has achieved engineering application in a variety of core mobile phones of Samsung.

    Apart from application in the 4*4 MIMO mobile terminal system in 4.5G and Pre 5G, iMAT antenna technology also has a huge advantage in the 5G terminal system, especially suitable for the 5G mobile terminal system applications under 6GHz frequency band. Eight or more antennas can be conveniently integrated in a phone terminal and excellent MIMO OTA performance can be guaranteed by using iMAT antenna technology in 3GHz and 4GHz bands, which are suitable for a multistage MIMO system of 5G (Sub 6GHz) mobile terminals.














Millimeter-wave band 5G antenna technology applied in mobile terminals


      In the millimeter wave 5G system, the company has focused on millimeter wave 5G antenna technology, RF front-end RFIC chip design and the corresponding packaging technology, and has successfully applied for dozens of relevant domestic and foreign patents.

      Compared with the traditional 4G LTE antennas, the 5G system will select the millimeterwave frequency band and the phased array antenna technology which can realize beam-type and beam tracking. Hybrid BF Architecture is adopted in beam forming, which is a combination of Analog Beamforming technology and Digital Precoding technology. The system of hybrid architecture can achieve very good system performance under the low complexity of millimeterwave band. In terms of mobile terminal antennas, because of the antenna space limitation and the complexity of the surrounding metal environment on the mobile terminals such as mobile phones, as well as the downward compatibility with 3G/4G/WiFi/GPS/NFC antennas, the millimeter-wave band 5G antenna scheme design which can meet the beam-forming requirement has become a difficult challenge.


      SPEED is the only manufacturer to provide a complete solution for 5G millimeter-wave antennas in the industry currently with a cutting-edge technical level in the world.