Talent Policy

     Talents are the primary resources for achieving the strategic goals and sustainable development of enterprises andthe unshakable cornerstone that decides development of enterprises. In the fierce market competition, competitions among enterprises has evolved into talent competition in nature. Taking “talent gathering” as the primary business strategy, the Speed Wireless Technology Co. Limited. has been committed to fostering a favorable environment for development of its staff through talent introduction, cultivation, development and excitation. We sincerely welcome you to join us. Our company is just like the immense sea that allows fish to leap at liberty, like the vast sky that lets birds fly freely!

         HR strategic upgrading -- business partners and talent development experts boosting strategic transformation and leading enterprise culture. The environment changes all the time, so does the market and people. How to grasp these changes and select the most suitable candidates for the most appropriate posts to achieve “personnel and post matching” are the tasks and challenges facing the enterprise in the process of talent selection and appointment. The“MAPS” principle for talent management of Speed is to allow the HR and employing department to grasp the key points in talent selection, so as to effectively select and appoint the talent reserve for the enterprise. 



        Morality as the bottom line


        Morality is our primary concern in the selection of leading personnel. As the saying goes, “equal stress on ability and political integrity with morality taking precedence and ability taking the secondary place”.Therefore, the bottom line for our selection of talents is for the candidates to be equipped with excellent moral characters without delinquent conducts andany defects on morality. Being fair and impartial with no double-faced behaviors, being brave to undertake responsibilities and tell the truth are the important factors in our consideration of talent selection and appointment.


        Ability as the basis


        Ability is the basis of personnel performance. Combining the needs of its own development, Speed has its own unique comprehension and definition of employees’ skills and abilities for those who should be selected and promoted, including the professional skills, hierarchical quality abilities (leadership, comprehension, implementation capacity) and the abilities of talents cultivating and echelon building.


        Subject to performance evaluation


        Performance management is guided by KPI and PBC outcomes, which strengthens process and focuses on results. Promoting matrix performancemanagement and 3K assessment system and integrating organizational strategicgoal with secondary organizational goal and personal goal will form three-stage assessment system and 3K assessment index. It will be not only helpful to exploit potentials of the staff and improve their performance, but also will encourage them to improve their own ability. As a result, it will strengthen management of staff and improve the team performance so that our company can realize the strategic goal and boost staff development. 


        Enterprise culture oriented


        We focus on the value guided by enterprise culture orientation, which requires that we should not only insist on the core values of people orientation, integrity and responsibility, win-win cooperation and contribution to society, but also the enterprise culture of integrity, practicability, teamwork,concentration, transcendence and work hard for setting up own business. Moreover, we also pay attention to choose and cultivate the staff who are willing to grow together and share the enterprise development result with those hard-working people who identify with our enterprise culture and values.